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Photo Booth Frequently Asked Questions


Will someone be there to take care of the photo booth?

Yes. A photo booth attendant will be on-hand to make sure everything runs smoothly and assist with your optional guest scrapbook.

How many pictures can we take?

The booth can print 50 photo strips per hour with 4 pictures per strip. Our service includes unlimited sittings and photo strips for the duration of your photo booth rental.

How long does it take after the pictures are taken for the photo strip to come out?

It takes approximately 15 seconds for the strip to come out.

Do we get copies of the pictures?

Yes, the photo booth prints 2 copies of each session but we do print extra photo strips if more than 2 people are in the booth. A CD of all the pictures is included.

What exactly is the guest registry scrapbook?

The guest registry scrapbook is 12" x 12"  leather book with pages to place photo strips in and your guests can write comments in.

How many people can fit in the photo booth?

The booth can fit 4-6 people and more if your guests want to pile in.

Is the photo booth easy to use?

Yes. All your guests have to do is enter the booth. They see a video preview of themselves so they can get in position. They press the button and pose for 4 separate pictures taken 20 seconds apart. The monitor displays each picture taken before the next picture is taken.

How many strips are printed out?

Our photo both automatically produces 2 strips for each sitting: one for your guests and one for the scrapbook (if you've included the scrapbook in your rental).

How big are the photo strips?

Each photo strip is 2x6 inches.

Do you use any photo developing chemicals?

No. Our photo booth is 100% digital.

What kind of printer do you use?

We use a Dye Sublimation printer that is photo lab quality. The strips are printed with a UV coating that resists scratches and will last for 100 years.

How big is your photo booth? Will it fit in the building?

We've designed and built our photo booth to be compact and collapsible. The booth will fit thru a normal sized door. The dimensions are 5' long by 3.5' wide.

When is the best time to start the photo booth for a wedding?

The best time to start is usually when your guests first arrive at the reception. It gives your guests something fun to do while they wait for the wedding party to arrive. If your rental time is during dinner, you can shut the booth down for 1 hour “$50.00 extra” and resume the booth after dinner for the remaining rental time.

Hi Greg:  Thank you for the great photo booth time at Kristin and Eric's wedding.

The guests all loved the unique idea and enjoyed getting their pictures taken and then having a souvenir to take home.


The guest / scrapbook you made is such a great Momento.

Thanks again for your part in making the day perfect.

Jill Kirkwood

Custom 4x6 & 2x6 Photo Strip Designs Available

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